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Stainless Steel Dualit Espressivo 84200 Coffee Machine

coffee makerEvery man wants a coffee maker. The Dualit Espressivo 84200 Coffee Machine will make the perfect expresso in less than 40 seconds.

This coffee maker will make six cups and has a three year warranty. Buy Dualit Espressivo online at

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eBook reader

ebookThis eBook reader from Sony is excellent with its new touch screen. Turn pages with the slide of a finger, create annotations on the virtual keyboard and highlight text with the stylus pen. You can even double-tap a word on-screen to its meaning.

Perfect for everyone in the family, even students. You can even makes notes on the move.

Unlike a computer screen, your mobile phone or iphone, the eBook reader by Sony has a truly magnificent screen for reading books for long periods at a time. The eInk does not strain your eyes like other technologies.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Buy Sony PRS600R eBook Reader Touch Edition, Red online at