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eBook reader

ebookThis eBook reader from Sony is excellent with its new touch screen. Turn pages with the slide of a finger, create annotations on the virtual keyboard and highlight text with the stylus pen. You can even double-tap a word on-screen to its meaning.

Perfect for everyone in the family, even students. You can even makes notes on the move.

Unlike a computer screen, your mobile phone or iphone, the eBook reader by Sony has a truly magnificent screen for reading books for long periods at a time. The eInk does not strain your eyes like other technologies.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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Escape from it all

smartbox adventureNot sure what you want to give or what they would like? Well this gift is thoughtful and allows the recipient to choose what they want to do from a huge range of options such as flying a helicoptor, kayaking, hang gliding, driving a tank, plus loads more experience days.

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