Walkie Talkie Watches

set of 2 walkie talkie watches

Set of 2 Walkie Talkie Watches, just £49.99.

These Walkie Talkie Watches are the perfect way to keep in contact when you’re out and about, great for holidays and an alternative to your mobile phone. Ideal for groups of people on skiing and hiking holidays, making sure no-one gets left behind and keeping you in constant contact with your party.

They have a range of 3 miles (5km range), a channel scan function and allow you to select multiple channels so you won’t accidentally pick up any other conversations in the area, and voice-activated calling, saving you time spent fiddling with buttons.

Not forgetting they are also watches, they have a back-lit LCD display, and an adjustable black strap.

Also supplied are two earpieces for a little bit of secrecy and two charging adaptors so you can keep your watches fully charged for when you need them.